More Face-to-Face Days

At the Tuesday, January 12th Board Meeting, the trustees voted to expand Bonner School’s Instructional model from the Hybrid Model to four days of face-to-face instruction per week. This means our student population, which was divided into an “A Cohort” attending Monday/Tuesday, and a “B Cohort” attending Thursday/Friday, will be combined to attend Monday,Tuesday and Thursday/Friday.  This new schedule will begin Tuesday, January 19th (there is no school for students on Martin Luther King day, Monday, January 18th).  At the same time, Bonner School will continue to offer the Online Academy option to those students and families who wish to access their education virtually.

This change means that our onsite student population will roughly double, and we will not be able to maintain six feet of social distancing between students in the classroom setting.  We are confident, however, that the other safety practices our students already follow so well will help protect students and staff from a significant outbreak.

Much will remain the same following this transition:

  • Our School Day will not change:  Class begins each day for all students at 8:15 a.m. and students will be released to the buses or to parents at 2:25.

  • Wednesday will continue to be a remote-learning day reserved for thorough cleaning/sanitation, for instructional planning, and for remote instruction, including office-hours support for students and electives for our online students.

  • Student cohorts will continue to be our best protection against school-wide spread of COVID-19.  Students will remain with the same classmates throughout the school day, eating lunch in their classrooms as they have the past weeks.

  • Safety protocols will be followed:  Students and staff will continue to wear masks, wash/sanitize hands frequently, and our custodians will continue their careful and thorough system of rigorous cleaning and sanitation.

Teachers are looking forward to seeing their students more frequently, and we know students will be glad to see friends and classmates that they have not seen for a long time.  Most importantly, we are excited to see our students make rapid academic gains as we double their face-to-face time with our great teachers!

Mr. Howard Mrs. Andres

Superintendent Principal

Next Steps for Parents:

Starting today, January 13th, all students and families will have the opportunity to choose either Face-to-Face learning onsite, or the Online Academy.  Please note that a change in placement/learning environment will result in your child having different teachers.

  • If your child is currently enrolled in the Online Academy, and you wish to continue there, no action or sign-up process is required.

  • If your child(ren) already attend face-to-face, and you wish for them to continue with face-to-face onsite instruction, no action or sign-up process is required.

If you wish to switch your child from one setting to another, we ask that you fill out this short form: Please complete the form even if you have already had a phone or email conversation with school staff about making a switch. 

If you intend to make a switch, please fill out the form by Friday, January 15th or no later than Wednesday, January 20th.  After that, changes will not be allowed until the quarter break.

 Change of Placement Form