BDG Winner Haiden Munden

Congratulations Bonner Development Group Scholarship Winner Haiden Munden, presented at our Graduation ceremony by former BDG director, Bruce Hall!

The purpose of the BDG Scholarship is to provide educational funds to two MCPS seniors who have graduated from Bonner Elementary School District. One of the BDG scholarships will be awarded to a graduating senior who is planning to enroll in a 4-year college or university program. The other BDG Scholarship will provide educational funds to one MCPS graduating senior planning to attend Missoula College or a trade/technical school. The scholarship program is a final act by the Bonner Development Group as it wraps up its operations in Bonner Montana.

A little history on the BDG: 

The Bonner Development Group (BDG) incorporated in May 1995 as a public benefit not-for-profit 501c3. The organization dissolved in June 2020 

As a grassroots community-based organization the BDG worked to facilitate projects that compliment the Bonner- Milltown community as defined by the boundary of Bonner School District 14. To that end the BDG created legacy landmarks throughout the community most notably: The Two Rivers Memorial Park, The Two Rivers Community Park, and the Kelly Pine Baseball Grandstand. The BDG was instrumental in saving the historic Black Bridge that crosses the Blackfoot River in Milltown. The BDG participated on the Bonner-Milltown Community Council Land Use Committee that ultimately resulted in the preservation of the historic industrial setting of the area, preventing proposed high density development. The BDG participated with the EPA on the Community Involvement Plan that resulted in the construction of the 3 mile Piltzville Safety Trail. The group’s history is well documented in the Two Rivers News, a publication of the Bonner Development Group 

The creation of the Bonner Development Group Scholarship is a continuation of BDG’s Legacy Achievements in the community.  Haiden Munden will receive $2,500 to help her continue her education. Haiden plans to attend Missoula College to study emergency medicine and become a paramedic.  Congratulations Haiden!  We are so proud of you!