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Bonner Elementary
Cafeteria Expansion and Security Upgrade

The Bonner Elementary School is seeking voter approval from the public to expand the cafeteria and upgrade security features. The school is asking voters to approve a $346,000 bond over a 15 year period to add on to its existing cafeteria, and move the main office for security purposes. The current cafeteria is 1318 square feet and the addition would be 1600 square feet, for a total of 2918 square feet of cafeteria space. The existing cafeteria will be combined with the new larger space.

There will also be an additional office space for the secretary and this new space will add an additional level of security to our school. The new office area will face the main doors and require visitors to check in before visiting the building.

Bonner Elementary will be conducting this bond using mail out ballots. The ballots will be mailed by Missoula County beginning April 20, 2015. The ballots are due back to Missoula County by May 5, 2015.

You Are Invited!

Facility tours will be offered to interested individuals or groups. Tours will take a few minutes and will enable citizens to see the building plans and to ask questions. There will also be two community meetings on: March 25th and April 9th with both meetings held at 7:00 P.M. in the Bonner library. Individualized tours, group presentations, and information will be available upon request.

If you have any questions, concerns, or wish to arrange for a tour or presentation please contact Mr. Ardiana at 258-6151 or

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