October Counseling Lessons

October counseling lessons were all about  Respect & Empathy

Students learned what respect looks like and the benefits of showing respect both towards others and towards themselves.

Make sure you ask your child about Sympathy & Empathy!  They should be able to tell you the difference!  They should have an understanding that empathy is somewhat like “playing pretend”  We imagine ourselves in someone else’s shoes to get a better idea of what they might be thinking or feeling and then, based on that, we respond in a caring way!  Man, could you imagine our world if we all had a little more empathy?

We watched this great video clip from the movie Inside Out that shows what sympathy looks like vs empathy and how much more impactful empathy is.  Check it out:  Inside Out Empathy Video Link And keep talking with your kiddos about respect and empathy at home.   :) 

Mrs. Cotner

School Counselor