November & December Counseling Lessons

The last two months students have been defining the word Bullying.  Bullying is a serious issue but, because it is talked about so often it’s true definition has become convoluted. We are discussing the difference between being “rude” being “mean” and being a “bully”.  We are also discussing the difference between bullying and a student conflict and how to go from being a bystander to becoming an upstander!  We’ve started reading 3 amazing books: Weird, Dare, & Truth written by Erin Frankel.  Each book tells the same story but each book is from the different perspectives of the victim, the bully and the bystander.  After reading, we discuss each book and then follow up with a fun activity to help solidify what we’ve learned.  Students are using what they know about empathy & respect to help understand Bullying and have the courage and skills to put a stop to it.

Katie Cotner, 

School Counselor