GRIT Winners

What is GRIT?

GRIT is Bonner School’s school-wide positive behavior initiative. Each letter in GRIT stands for a characteristic that the teachers, students and staff at our school aim to embody.


Students TK-8 are be encouraged to demonstrate these traits throughout the  school in various ways.  When teachers or staff members “catch” students  showing a GRIT trait, they earn a card on the GRIT Wall with their name on  it!   At the end of each quarter, the school draws cards and the winners get some amazing donated prizes.

Check out our amazing Q2 Prize Winners.

These students have GRIT!


Michael Rich 8th

Bella Peters 5th

Zoey Van Kamm 5th

Jose Duenas 8th

Kimber Fayram 1st

Jack Gruber 3rd

Stephanie Ferguson 1st

Hunter Hoffman K

Josh Pfister-Hughes 6th

Luna Fister 2nd