Bus Zone

Work is complete on the bus unloading zone and it’s ready for use.  Starting this Tuesday morning, May 4th, our buses will roll onto the shiny asphalt and students will use the new sidewalk to enter the building!  We are so happy to have this huge safety improvement in place!

In the Morning, ONLY BUSES may enter the bus unloading zone:  Parents dropping off students in the morning should continue to use our traditional front entrance. 

JUST IN THE AFTERNOON, parents picking up their children may enter and park in the bus zone while you await your child.  Keep in mind the zone is one-way traffic only, with vehicles entering by our playground entrance and leaving via the new exit point at the northeast end of the zone.  Signage will be posted, clearly marking the entrance and exit points.  Parents should pull as far forward as possible and park only on the right side of the unloading zone.  Please use extra care as you drive through the unloading zone area.  We will have extra staff monitoring the zone as we become accustomed to traffic flow.