SRO at Lunch

We are happy to welcome Deputy Ryan Swearingin to Bonner School at our new School Resource Officer (SRO)!  In recent days, Deputy Swearingin has been getting to know our school, walking the halls, eating with students at lunch and introducing himself in our classrooms.  We appreciate Missoula County Sheriff Department's support of the SRO program across the area schools--Bonner shares Deputy Swearingin with Clinton School and Potomac School.

The SRO’s role at school is first and foremost to support the safety of our students and staff.   Deputy Ryan works closely with Mr. Howard and Mrs. Andres to build supportive and friendly connections with students and to focus on safety in a low-key manner that does not get in the way of learning. 

So from time to time you’ll see Deputy Swearingin’s patrol car parked in front of the school or assisting with traffic flow along Highway 200.   We’re happy to have the extra layer of safety that the SRO program provides.