Al Simons

Bonner School is so proud to celebrate Mr. Al, our Technology Director!  Al Simons was selected recently by the Montana Educational Technologists Association (META) as Montana’s META Technologist of the Year. Every student and teacher at Bonner School knows that Mr. Al is our go-to guy for absolutely any tech-related need.  He has vast knowledge about technology and is invested in our school and in our community at large.  But  Mr. Simons’ dedication to our district goes far beyond his role as Technology Director. He is kind and humorous. He is giving and generous.  He leads by example. Mr. Simons takes genuine delight in conversing with and supporting students in their own technology related interest.  He celebrates students’ ideas and projects and is eager to gather resources to support student innovation.

Mr. Simons will invariably stay at school until 8:00 PM on a Friday night to ensure that “Movie Night” comes off without a glitch.  He is an enthusiastic patron and supporter of our excellent library and takes particular interest in helping with our popular week-long Book Fair.  He also supports our Hunter’s Safety program, school concerts, assemblies, and regularly helps our PTA.  He frequently and generously sponsors field trips for students, provides arrows for our archery unit, and helps chaperone field trips. Mr. Simon’s commitment to student growth and instructional excellence is absolute, and Bonner School is so grateful for him!