A wonderful music scholarship is available to Bonner students thanks to the generosity of the Pfister family.  The scholarship will provide matching funds to assist families in providing piano lessons to interested Bonner students.  The scholarship is given in honor of Marietta Pfister, who taught music classes at Bonner from 1978-1981.  The “Mama Music Piano Scholarship Fund”  is a fantastic offering, available to students at  all grade levels who attend Bonner School.  If you are interested applying for this scholarship, please print, fill out, and bring this form to the front office.  Applications need to be turned in by May 30th.  many thanks to Bob Pfister and the Pfister family for this  wonderful way to honor Marietta while providing our students an opportunity to learn to play the piano.  Thank you so much Bob Pfister!

If you have questions about this scholarship or the application process, please email Bonner School's music teacher, Cory McAtee at cmcatee@bonner.k12.mt.us

Link to Application Form