Lumberjack Market

Hello from the Lumberjack Market! 

This year one of the first period electives being offered is a school store with Mrs. Zimmerman as the facilitator.  This is an exciting opportunity for our Junior High, to learn the skills of working an actual business.  We have been extremely busy getting our feet off the ground, ordering inventory, stocking inventory, learning about profit and loss and setting prices.  We create Advertisements and brain storm ideas to keep our carts successful.  We also have a production crew that helps with preparing the Logos and ironing for our Lumberjack Gear.  Each Wednesday and Friday, students wheel the carts out into the hallway and sell school items, snacks, novelty gifts, and LJ Gear.

I never imagined how busy and successful this class would be.   Market days are like ants on an ant hill, with everyone looking to get the newest addition on the cart.  Looking around the halls it is wonderful to see staff and students showing their pride with Lumberjack Gear. If you are interested in purchasing Lumberjack Gear you are welcome to visit the cart and purchase the premade items, or order off our order form.  (See the order form attachment) Please keep in mind that our class only meets once a day, and with the order process and delivery process we strive to be as timely as we can be with the orders. 

 Many have asked where does the money go that we make?   We are a non-profit and all the money made in excess of maintaining the store, will either go to a charity, class room, or a need/want within our school.  Where ever it goes, the students who have worked to make this elective a success will have significant input on how the money is used.     

I cannot express how pleased I am of the individuals in my elective.  They have shown true grit, and stepped up to every challenge I have put at them.  Bonner should be proud of these future entrepreneurs.

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