6th Grades in Mr. Huisken's social studies go old school, literally! Today they learned about ancient writing methods, clay tablet and all!
10 months ago, Dylan Huisken
Copying 5,000 year old pictographs.
Using a stylus to form pictographs
The tools of a scribe!
A typical day in 1M
10 months ago, Shelley Andres
Enjoying adding details to my story.
Using my resources to help me get writing ideas.
Adding descriptions to my story!
Adding details to my writing!
A typical day in KV
10 months ago, Shelley Andres
Practicing building my name!
Look what I know!
Math is fun!
How many dinosaurs do you have?
Learning is fun in KV
10 months ago, Shelley Andres
We can learn and have fun!
Learning is fun!
A typical day in 2H!
10 months ago, Shelley Andres
We are hard workers in 2H
Missoula Food Bank will be distributing Turkey's and the fixings Sunday, November 22nd between 9:00-6:00. 1720 Wyoming St, Missoula, MT See the flyer for more info: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hwcmllGOblz9kcE0pB8ln1C_5nv5Z71l/view?usp=sharing
10 months ago, Katie Cotner
Missoula Food Bank Logo
We understand that after school child care is hard to come by these days! Check out this great opportunity through the Boys & Girls Club of Missoula County! Call 406-542-3116 or e-mail bgcmissoula@bgcmissoulacounty.org for more info! https://drive.google.com/file/d/18HqLRawmbv19_SAmn6jCSo0k4wG8JdWw/view?usp=sharing
11 months ago, Katie Cotner
Boys & Girls Bonner After School club logo
No school tomorrow Friday, November 6th!
11 months ago, Shelley Andres
Cutest Pumpkins in the patch!
11 months ago, Shelley Andres
These Cute Halloween Pumpkins can be found in our Librarian’s pumpkin patch!
Virtual Halloween 2020
11 months ago, Shelley Andres
Virtual Halloween Fun!
We’re thrilled to announce Bonner School District #14’s new app! It’s everything Bonner School, in your pocket. Download the app on Android: https://bit.ly/34bnYiW or iPhone: https://apple.co/3ibIPHW.
11 months ago, Katie Cotner
Bonner App
Friendly reminder: Be sure to sign up for parent/teacher soon as conferences are next week! No school Friday, November 6th
11 months ago, Shelley Andres
PTA sponsored contest update! Check it out!
11 months ago, Shelley Andres
Updated information on the PTA’s “Pie in the Face Contest!”
Day light saving time ends Sunday at 2:00 am! Don't forget to set your clocks back one hour before you go to bed Saturday!
11 months ago, Shelley Andres
Friendly reminder: we do NOT have school on October 15th & 16th due to MEA.
11 months ago, Shelley Andres
Our November School Board meeting is on the 10th! Be sure to join us via Zoom at 7:00.
11 months ago, Shelley Andres
Parents, please click the link below to read a letter from Mr. Howard. https://docs.google.com/document/d/153XYm_KYGtrjSr_AaJhPil5SWlmQe0gP76j8hvHAV7Y/edit?usp=sharing
about 1 year ago, Bonner Lumberjacks