The Little Jacks learned about the letter N last week! They found all sorts of things in and around their classroom that being with the letter N. They even got crafty and made these Ns from noodles of all shapes and sizes! What can you find at your house that beings with the letter N?
3 months ago, Ms. Barrick
Using glue to place Noodles all over this N
A fancy, swirly N
Such concentration.
Working together.
Annual 4th grade parachute drop! Check out these future scientists!
3 months ago, Shelley Andres
Future scientist in the making.
4th grade science project.
Each student made their own parachute.
Check out our creative Lumberjacks!
3 months ago, Shelley Andres
So fun and creative!
So creative!
From our staff to YOU -- we are wishing you a safe and healthy New Year! We have goals of thinking 'out of the box' in 2021. What are some of YOUR hopes and goals for the New Year?
3 months ago, Mrs. Burgess
Bonner Staff in boxes with Happy New Year Banner
Mrs. Zentgraf's class learned the 7 Principles of Kwanzaa, an African December holiday, and applied them in a class project. They used Ujima and Umoja to work together to create their own "cloth".
4 months ago, Mrs. Zentgraf
7 Principles of Kwanzaa
"Weaving" our class "cloth" using cubes.
Developing fluency through games
4 months ago, Shelley Andres
Math is fun in 1st grade
Learning through games
Learning is fun!
A Grinch-themed scavenger hunt was the perfect way for 2B to spend the final Wednesday Virtual Meeting of 2020!
4 months ago, Mrs. Burgess
Google Meet Scavenger Hunt
Google Meet Scavenger Hunt
Look who we caught stopping by early this morning! So excited that Santa stopped by Bonner School early this year!
4 months ago, Shelley Andres
Special delivery for The Lumberjacks! ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ„
These Lumberjacks are so excited to be face-to-face learning again!
4 months ago, Shelley Andres
Return to face-to-face learning in KV looks like this!!
Parents of 8th Graders- High School Enrollment forms are due back to me by this Friday! If you need a copy please click here: Thank you! Katie Cotner, School Counselor
4 months ago, Katie Cotner
Missoula County Food Bank will have free grab and go meals for families over the holiday break. Please click on the photo for details.
4 months ago, Katie Cotner
Food Bank Schedule
Online Academy middle school students put Aristotle's rhetorical appeals (ethos, logos, and pathos) into use by creating and presenting advertisements. Next, they will use these modes of persuasion to write argumentative essays.
4 months ago, Magy Vaughan
Students after presenting ads
Shoes that make you zoom
Yummy Donuts!
Harvard Health backed Computers
Mrs. Lehnen, Bonner School secretary, always has a smile and kind word for everyone.
4 months ago, Shelley Andres
The smile behind the phone and mask!
Remote teaching is fun.
4 months ago, Shelley Andres
They are so engaged!
Remote teaching can be โ€œsticky โ€œ!
I wish you could hear this interaction!
4 months ago, Shelley Andres
Remote teaching today at Bonner.
Parents of 8th Graders- keep your eyes peeled! Missoula County Public Schools will be mailing out high school enrollment paperwork to you this week! Can you believe we are already talking about high school!?! Paperwork will need to be completed and then returned to Bonner School. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. Mrs. Cotner, School Counselor
4 months ago, Katie Cotner
Missoula County Logo
What remote teaching looked like today at Bonner!
4 months ago, Shelley Andres
5th grade math lesson in progress!
Getting geared up to teach!
Middle School Parents, here's your child's remote-learning class schedule. Remember, your child has live classes on their regular cohort days (M/T for Cohort A, Th/F for Cohort B).
4 months ago, Jim Howard
MS Class Schedule
This Little Lumberjack is engaged in her virtual classroom!
4 months ago, Shelley Andres
This Little Lumberjack is so engaged!
Attention Parents/Guardians: There is NO onsite school for Bonner students tomorrow, November 30th. Instruction will be delivered virtually through Friday, December 11th. Please have your child(ren) log into Google Classroom tomorrow after 12:00 for further directions from their teacher(s).
5 months ago, Shelley Andres